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Explore actively evaluates and acquires new opportunities.

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What is Explore?

Explore is a media, advertising, and technology company that builds & acquires category-leading applications that entertain, empower personal security, and enrich everyday life.

Explore is actively evaluating new opportunities with mobile and web app developers around the world.

Explore acquires individual digital products and app portfolios with a stable user base and revenue. We acquire both consumer apps and enterprise products. While every acquisition is different, we typically acquire the software and IP assets and take over operations from the founders and existing team.

No, there is not. North America is definitely where we have the most experience, but we have also done deals outside of North America. We are open to learning more about a business regardless of where it is located, but keep in mind that businesses outside of North America need to be very compelling for us to move forward.

Very much dependent on the user base size, metrics and market. Explore uniquely offers fair market valuations.

Each founder’s story and product are unique, but they often reach similar crossroads. Long hours, endless app updates, complex app store policies, and time away from the people you love all take a toll. Things change. New ventures, family, and changing life circumstances are all motivators to restore your independence and enjoy your success.

Explore offers fair market app valuations, technical and product operating experience. We have the expertise to operate your app. Most firms don’t have the capability or capacity to immediately operate your business. Our world-class engineering, product, and marketing teams are ready to ramp up and manage your app for years to come, starting today.

After we get to know your team we’ll begin an initial product and revenue KPI analysis. If we decide the acquisition makes sense in our portfolio we’ll prepare a term sheet with a purchase for you. After we agree on terms, we’ll conduct our full due diligence, including revenue and user validation, technical architecture evaluation and full app code review. Lastly, we’ll execute the asset purchase agreement and go through with the app transfer and payment to the team.

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